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SC Police Report Two Fatalities After Early Morning Interstate Accident

Posted by on Oct 21, 2016

SC Police Report Two Fatalities After Early Morning Interstate Accident

Interstate 20 came to a complete standstill for six long hours following a tragic, fatal crash with three cars involved according to the South Florida Highway Patrol.

Troopers have said that the accident occurred near mile marker 62 in the early hours of the morning around 3:30. Margaret Fisher, Lexington county coroner identified the bodies of the two killed as Franchescha Hop Rogers Martinez, 27 from Lexington and Jarrad Denard Blade from Decatur, Georgia, 32.  Authorities have shared that autopsies will be performed early on Sunday.0901_loca_1traffic_accident

Police are saying that the driver of the 2014 Kia was traveling west in the eastbound lane and hit the 2015 Nissan head on, sending them straight into a 2008 Nissan.   The driver of the kia and Nissan were both pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the Nissan was reportedly wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.  There was one passenger in the car that was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for serious injuries.

The driver of the 2008 Nissan was also take to a local hospital and treated for minor, non-life threatening injuries.  A thorough of the accident will be done by South Florida Highway Patrol and the Lexington County Coroner’s office.

2accident“Accidents like this one are heartbreaking and leave behind tragic results.  One irresponsible action of the part of one driver caused two people their lives on that early morning.  Cases like these are why I chose personal injury law in the first place. Helping people who have been victims of horrible accidents,” says Joe Sandefur, attorney at a top personal injury law firm in Florida at Jhon Bales.

Car accidents claim the lives of thousands of people nationwide each year.  In 2010 in South Florida the state saw 810 fatalities alone.  Almost half of these involved a drunk driver, a staggering statistic.  It only takes one irresponsible act to have potentially fatal consequences when getting behind the wheel.  Fatalities are the most severe consequence of car collisions.  Many factors can cause an accident.  Whether a driver is sleep deprived and falls asleep at the wheel killing himself and an entire family, or they look at a cell phone while driving the damage is often irreversible.  Texting and driving is becoming a dangerous trend in today’s society and has led to many car accidents and fatalities.

If you find that you have become a victim of a negligent driver on the road, the first thing you should do is consult an attorney.  They can help you navigate insurance companies and ensure liability falls where it should.  They can also file civil suits to help you recoup financially from an accident.  If you were injured through no fault of your own it seems unfair to bear the burden of medical bills and funeral expenses without being compensated.   It can be emotionally taxing to lose a loved one or watch them through a painful recovery so let a car accident John Bales Attorneys do the heavy lifting for you.

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Help for business legal tips

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015

Help for business legal tips

Take legal help for business legal tips etc:

Running a firm can be difficult especially when you are new to business. There are so many things that need to be taken care of when starting off a new business. There can be legal loop holes that you might have missed on and it can invite trouble for your business. To avoid such instances it is always necessary to take guidance over your further policies and other matters legally. Once you start off a business there are so many things that needs to be taken care of otherwise there are chances to end up in trouble. It is a deal of excitement and joy to start of a business and it is also fruit of hard work that you will be eating from. According to the amount of hard work that you expel on your business you will also get back double sweetness from it. The billing process is the main content of law and it has to be followed properly. Accounts will also need assistance from professionals. Every department needs professional guidance and legal tips can be provided by lawyers such as the ones at john bales attorneys.


First step to your legal intro:

Before you get to start with your new firm, as a precautionary step you need to meet up with a lawyer who is an expert in business legal tips etc. Don’t go to a criminal law to know about these because the area of interest would differ for lawyers too. A common board of being a lawyer cannot fulfill your requirement over legality in every single issue. There are specialized people who handle such cases and to approach them would be ideal. If you have a friend who is involved in law firms and other law related activities then it would be better to take help from your friend or well wisher because that would be apt for your firm. Sometimes we would face problems when it comes to launching a new product in the market or even marketing a product for your firm. In such cases knowing legal terms before getting on to it is important.


Legal deviations can grab attention:

The terms and conditions to invite your customers is the main channel where legal support is insisted on. The clauses and minor deviations can bring in trouble to your business. So it is better to understand the legalities and then bring your customers to a common platform before you proceed over with your business. Once your customers agree to handle your products that way you want them to, then things will be in line to what your expectations or ideology that you have moved with. Taking that blind curve can turn up to be dangerous for your business. Avoid such blind curves; instead take a tour to all those corners before you get to pass through. So now get your legal partner to advice you over the legalities and other formal steps to avoid legal measures. It can be a great thing to fix up those legal flaws in cooperation with the best of lawyers for your firm. So do it before kick starting.

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How to find the best lawyer

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015

How to find the best lawyer

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It would be quite a time of panic when there is something related to criminal offence or any kind of offence that relates us to court directly. It could give us adequate amount of stress to forget our surroundings and all the happiness that is within us. When we go through such a situation, it is never easy to pick a person who can help you as there is no guarantee that the person you appoint for your rescue will be able to do it for sure. To be a little relaxed and stress free we should make sure that the lawyer that we choose to handle our case should be the best. When we say best, there are different aspects of it and it should be taken in the right array to get your case cleared out. Just checking on the best lawyer will not do your job; instead you should be checking on a lawyer who has been best in cases that you are related to now.


Approach experienced professionals:


There are law firms that bring in great lawyers to handle your case. These firms that have long term experience in handling such cases. Check out their portfolio to know on what kind of cases they have handled and then decide over getting to them. It is always better to list out lawyers and have them ready for your use once you get into any sort of trouble. If you have not identified them at the time of trouble then it could be a little wavering to choose one as your mind will be blocked due to the stress that you will be going through. List out the best of lawyers and law firms to choose from and see what kind of cases these firms or individuals have been handling so far. Go for those who have experience handling all kinds of cases because you can’t specialize these lawyers to handle your case. Choosing different lawyers for different cases is not feasible too.


Trade related experience matters:


There are different kinds of cases and if you are handling a business and if there are any kind of legalities that is claimed over your business then you may have to go to the court. Keeping this in mind has a lawyer who is experienced in handling business related cases. Your friends would be able to help you find one if they are already handling such cases. When it comes to other kind of cases then it is better to go for law firms who believe that one crime is not the end of life. People with right attitude will be able to handle things better for you especially when it is law related. Keeping all these guideline in mind you can understand How to find the best lawyer. The best way is to do a little study before you choose to go with someone. Step by step process can help your way to find the right kind of law representative to handle your case with maturity and experience matters a lot in this process.


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