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I’m a businessman! – Starting tips

Posted by on Oct 31, 2015

I’m a businessman! – Starting tips

Having your own business often looks very easy when somebody else is doing it successifuly. When you start thinking about your own bussiness, you will notice that it is not such a small job. We gathered most efficent tips for new business novices, read them carrefuly, and try to implement them on your ideas.

  1. Create and use your Business Plan – If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there. The base of any serious bussiness lays in good bussiness plan. That is a tip from every top manager from biggest companies in the world.
  2. Wait longer with capital gain, so you could venture a good and stabile start – You seek for profit, and that is ok, but you must be aware that running out of money is the number one reasons for new business failures. So, be prepared for bad times in financial sense, because not every business is developed rapidly after starting.
    • Take advantage of core marketing tools to grow revenue – Think about some cheaper way of marketing for start, direct marketing etc.. When it comes to TV advertising, you could save a lot of money if you figure out your own commertial, and not to pay other companies to do so for you.
    • Get best technology to automate your business – the rapidly changing digital landscape contains a wealth of tools and opportunities to grow and ensure efficient operation of your organisation including social media, document management systems, cloud computing ( this could be very important due to save all your progres in case of data loss),  search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, remarketing, pay per click campaigns, sponsored links/tweets and posts… and very much of these is not very expensive.
  3. Plan your exit strategy – as the business owner make sure you can always leave and be easy bought by other company – if you are to critical to the business success no one will want to buy it. Every one sometimes think abou leaving everything, and you should be prepared for it, for just in case.
  4. Be as productive as you can be – ensure your limited time is used effectively,  for example delegate well, avoid unnecessary stress situations, don’t take 72 hours of full work just to have three days off after that….businessman_leader
  5. Systemise your business processes and procedures – One process if following the other, one procedure is folowed by another. You should not let every new task to make panic and large company optimization to solve, but to make patterns so you could never get problematic tasks.
  6. Use proven sales and sales management techniques – don’t sell products and services but instead offer solutions and be an effective problem solver. People are looking for solutions, not for products.


    • Patiently build and lead your team – hire the best talent, help them to develop thinking for the company, not just salary. Off course, best motivation is just about bonuses in cash etc. but don’t forget when somebody do more than other, he certainly deserves it.
    • Think about, select and implement on new ideas – invest time, money and energy into knowledge acquisition as good ideas often flow from new concepts learned and discovered. Make meetings with your employees which are all about new ideas and upgrades to current bussiness flows. New ideas lead to dynamic surround and ever growing bussiness.
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